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So Many Micros~ (Lineart--Full Tour Warming!) by SpiderMilkshake

So Many Micros~ (Lineart--Full Tour Warming!)


^u^; The cleaned-up lineart for something I've been at awhile--more humanoid form macro and nommy goodness.~

A WARNING, though--full tour vore is strongly implied, so if that's not your jam my apologies. ^u^;

:3 There are so many micros to greet today! I almost don't have enough hands and feets and tail and belly space for them all! XD I'll try to be accommodating, though. Each little anthro critter is getting the kind of macro/micro interaction they like--from gentle pats to being hugged in a snakey tail, to giving foot massages, and of course varying types of noms! ^u^Even just a lil look at the maw for the timid ones~ Heheh, I'm sure most people could find a tiny anthro equivalent to their own preferred area of giant thing studies. XD

Only lineart so far, but since lineart takes a good while and looks good standing alone most times, here 'tis a lineart WIP. ^w^