A Hungry Host by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

A Hungry Host (critique requested)


4 April 2016 at 18:52:44 MDT

^w^ Based on part of an RP with a pal on DA--see that fella Sére's savoring? Chris. X3 Some fine vorish fun occurred indeed~ even though we never were able to finish that one. ^^; Oh well--it was indeed fun while it lasted and led to this so... yeah! :D

<u<; Been working on this for a while... got sidetracked, lost focus, had to put it away due to life stuff, and all other kinds of projects... but now--DONE! ^u^ AND it looks NOICE! X3

83c Whenever Sére says "You're so cute, I could just eat you up~!", he usually is being literal. XD

Hope ya like it! ^w^/