In the Sphere by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

In the Sphere (critique requested)


25 March 2016 at 01:28:49 MDT

^w^; Some digital painterly anthro that I've been dabbling at for some weeks... just did the background lighting today and it suddenly felt finished as I could get it. :D So here--betta fish anthro.

^w^; Please, if you are thinking of keeping fish, be sure to research the proper tank sizes for fish species and whole schools of fish... I know that single male bettas are among the few that can thrive in simple fish bowls, but be sure that the size of their home is appropriate for their body size. And make sure your betta buddy has proper lighting, aeration, a place to feel hidden and secure, and a substrate that won't be harmful to the lil guy. ^w^ I personally like to see betta buddies sheltered in fish bowls at least five times the fish's length in any one direction, with a marsh plant and/or a little aerator tube suspended down through the top and larger gravels in the bottom to separate the bits of refuse and the clean water. :D I know, when I had my rescued Wal-mart buddy Chompy, I didn't quite meet these standards, but he still had a nice little place where he had room to swim, a place to hide, natural sunlight and clean water (and a tiny water lily... XD Because it fit and looked nice!).

So yeah. Fish are animals. Treat your fish buddies with as much thought as you would a furry buddy. X3