Safely Through the Deep Passage by SpiderMilkshake

Safely Through the Deep Passage


27 February 2016 at 14:38:29 MST

^w^ Goblin shark noms. Did it~

Well, we've got a little story in this one here. 83 Ms. garden eel mer-anthro lass micro and Mr. jolly anthro dogfish micro have found themselves stranded in the Deep Passage, otherwise known as "HOLY HECK GIMME OUTTA HERE I IS A SMOL ;o;". Thinking they're doomed, they happen to be found by one of the deep place's predators, a large goblin shark. O.O But this goblin shark is not a cruel hunter, and besides goblin sharks only eat crustaceans and small squid! Since he knows there are deep-sea sadists about who like to torment their meals, he offers the two a ride, hidden from view of the predators.

Oh look! Complimentary shrimp cocktails. XD This goblin shark is humane and chomps things meant to be food first. And I think that dogfish anthro fella is kinda taking advantage of them being there... X3 STAHP micro sharky, dat's not your fud! >w<