Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--1 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--1 (critique requested)


15 September 2015 at 15:20:19 MDT

Page one of a new/actually-not-new-been-drafting-this-for-months comic project. This is a vore comic, by the way ;)

Plot is fully formed and cohesive, the actual ink lines are all DONE already, just need to do the digital parts of these to be done. Looks to be nine of these small-format pages so far, ten if I need an epilogue.

And the predator is meeeeee~ XD Because me likes nom-noms. X3 Small fae folk fella gonna get slarped. This first page is super-tease-full. XP

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General Plot Introduction

Fae folk such as elves are seldom seen nowadays--they keep out of human reach with ease even in a shrinking wilderness. But one morning Spider realizes a strange and tiny figure is in their enclosure, which is anything but a natural wild. The staff are scarce... so far. Best to take charge, before it's too late! Spider wraps their tail about the dozing humanoid and pauses, anxious to see how they can solve this problem...