And I'll Huff... [GIF] by SpazzyHyena

And I'll Huff... [GIF]


29 April 2017 at 10:15:41 MDT

Well in this case, its more of a Bworp than a blow!! Seems this big bad wolf realized a better entry method to the last pigs house was breaking the door down rather than blowing it.

And sledgehammers are so easy to buy these days!! Only 34$, a good deal for what is a WELL filling meal.

Though she may have trouble getting out, all that chub from those pigs...

She'll figure something out.

this took me a WHILE. Like, most of yesterday and a good bit of today!! But I'm really proud of what I've done.

I'm starting to truly get Clip Studios animation software, and hopefully I can get even quicker and smaller animations.

Maybe animated icons?

Also, most likely gonna make this wolfy into an OC.. She is a Big Punk Wolf afterall.. any name suggestions??

Also ID LOVE FEEDBACK ON THIS GIF!!! Please I worked INSANELY hard on it, and I'd love to hear what you guys think!!