Commission - Starscream x Knockout by SpartaDog

Commission - Starscream x Knockout


2 August 2015 at 19:10:30 MDT

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. I love Transformers Prime, I love Starscream and Knockout, and I love using Copics. This was like one of the best commissions I've ever had lol

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Starscream, Knockout © Hasbro
Art © me

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    I appreciate all the little nicks and scratches, and of course Knock Out is immaculate. And imo, that's possibly the best aft and inner thigh area I have ever seen drawn on tfp Starscream.

    The elbow area is also very nicely made. As is his back and the backbone-like area. It's all well done, and if I failed to admire Knock Out its because I'm obsessed with Starscream. I love how dinged up he is compared to Knock Out.

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      Hahah thank you, I'm glad that didn't go unnoticed! It was a last-minute addition because they were looking just a tiny bit too indiscernible in the gray areas. I'm glad it worked!

      I'm also glad I was able to please a Starscream fan :D I love him dearly but he's kind of a royal pain in the ass to draw XD As is only fitting I suppose. Also lol, someone on Tumblr said the same thing about his aft/inner thighs....unless that was you lol

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        From the notes on tumblr it looks like you've pleased a lot. And he /is/ a pain in the ass to draw. I think it's a lot to do with all the subtle angles and the difficulty in finding high quality references. And bots can end up looking like a mess of polygons very quickly in sketches.

        That may have been me on tumblr. I have a bright orange icon.

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          Ironically enough? I had zero problems finding refs of Scream. There's a few high res well-lit character models floating around the first few rows of google image results. Knockout is the one who's a bitch to find reference for. They're all tiny, low-res, or screenshots from the show with him aboard the very dark ship lol

          I'm hoping it catches on like the Soundwave doodle I posted last year XD Thing has like 700-something notes and still gets new ones