FC 2015; Memories! by Sparkle Kreations

FC 2015; Memories!

Sparkle Kreations

10 February 2016 at 09:40:34 MST

Here are some fun pictures from Further Confusion this year!
At the top is our group photo; a big BIG thanks to all who came!
From Left to Right:
Fuzz Friske, Sneaksy, -hiphop-, VenuShade, Catprowler, Unknown, Kip, Sparkle, and Cirque

Twins! On Saturday, Sparkle messed with a cloning machine... did you figure out who was the real Sparkle?
It wasn't Cirque- he was Video-taping the whole time!
Here are some videos of reactions of people who actually know us VERY well:

Fursuit Games on Sunday- Sparkle was very mischevious and Cirque was balancing and juggling everything he could!
Even though they both tried to ruin the games many times (and succeeded)...
even though Sparkle ended up on the bottom of the fur pile because he was such a dirty cheater...
the games still went on and no one was hurt (except for that poor acorn).

Cirque was showing off his new balancing act with spinning plates!
He really enjoyed the Circus-Furs panel and wants to start his own Circus panel someday!

Thanks to all who hung out with us, Thanks to all the new friends we met and old ones we saw again,
and Thanks for an amazingly fun convention!

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