The Prized Guardian by SoulsPoison

The Prized Guardian


8 January 2017 at 12:28:50 MST

Completion Date: 10-26-16
Time Taken: 6 hours

  • 05 mechanical pencil (HB graphite lead)
  • ZIG Millenium pens
  • Color, textures, and watermarked in Photoshop CS2


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A Esoterra Occulta bust giveaway prize for Shadow_bum on twitter!

I'd never actually done a proper giveaway before, so imagine my surprise when a LOT of people entered! I was really humbled and surprised by the amount of attention and really appreciated everyone's support. In the end the lucky winner was Shadow who let me do up their Fu Dog character with some meaningful stones and crystals (Amethyst, Opal, and Serpentine).

Absolutely adore the character's design and Shadow is a lovely sweetheart~!

Artwork © 2016 P. Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison)
Character © Shadow_Bum
Textures from and :linkhibbary:
7 Watercolor Textures from
Do not use without permission. Artwork copyright P. Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison), Character copyright respective owner (Shadow_Bum); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.