Silver's new collar by soul-silver-dragon

Silver's new collar


4 May 2019 at 00:28:14 MDT

So this is a thing! Pretty much official at this point! A fully collared Silver! No clothes so the collar can be shown clearly on his neck (plus he looks nice like that).

The whole idea is that Silver is pretty much owned by Dominus orca (Which you can find him here (NSFW ART): ) And he's also equipped with the new OSP (Open Slave Program). Basically Silver now is a slave to anyone who says "Hey Silver!" and clap twice. Silver will obey certain commands, but he will still retain some control over certain instructions, so you can't overwrite who owns him or to change his sona permanently or other stuff that he might not want to obey, but it's always worth a try! He'll definetly say if he can or can't do that certain command.

This ref doesn't have clothes in it, but it's fine, since he's a cartoon dragon he can be like this if he feels like it, and he seems to dig it~

Anyway, hope you guys like this! It definetly won't go away for a long while~

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