MLP Five Score Divided by Four Lineup by SonicSpirit

MLP Five Score Divided by Four Lineup


20 February 2015 at 01:22:41 MST

Have some ponies! So, I like ponies, and I love transformation, so when a friend turned me on to this pony transformation story, Five Score, Divided by Four (and, in point of fact, I haven't actually read the clean version, so it was Five Score, Divided by Four, the NSFW version) I thought, "Yeah, right. If I couldn't find good TF in the pony fandom months ago, why would that change now?" But I read it anyway, and was happily sucked in! So, I decided to draw my interpretation of the main cast, in both their human, and eventual pony forms.

First off, I kinda disliked the obvious "white people are default" thing of the original fic, sooo, I threw it out and had fun with making it a bit more racially diverse. I mean, there wasn't a ton of mention of race (off the top of my head I can only think of Evan thinking his furry red pony ears stood out against his Caucasian skin), but one of the things I really want to strive for with my art is to show diversity of race, gender, and ability, like it's a normal thing. It should be a normal thing. So, I decided to make Applejack/Jack and Evan/Eva/Big Mac black (ha! Now your red pony ears'll really stand out!), Pinkie/Harry white, and ultimately Twilight/Tess and Shining/Rachel black, and for just about everyone else I rolled a D6, cuz I'm a massive nerd. Also, the pre-TF gender balance felt off to me, so, whoops, I rule 63ed Evan, and now you're Eva. Have fun, dude.

My original instinct was to draw Twilight/Tess (and as a result, Shining/Rachel, by virtue of the two being twins in-story) as Asian (oh, does the stereotype live), but then I heard/read/whatevered a rumor that the original script of Equestria Girls had wanted to interpret Twilight's human form as a black girl. I don't know if it's true or just fans spraying crap, but I kinda love that idea, so black she became, and Shining/Rachel with her! I dunno, I ended up having a lot of fun putting this together, and thinking about it.

As for the pony forms, I HAVE BEEN PREPARING MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT. Well, kinda. Actually, that's not really untrue. The first things I really ever started drawing were horses, unicorns, pegasi, and alicorns (of course, I called them "unicorn-pegasus" until I finally encountered the term alicorn in reference to winged unicorns on a unicorn otherkin forum back around 2003 or so. #alicornhipster #knewitbeforeitwaspopular Naturally I knew the word "alicorn" was the proper term for a unicorn's horn long before that. #yeahimkindaanerd). I wanted the earth ponies to be the most solid, and proportioned the most horse-like, and the unicorns long-limbed and almost ethereal, since I'm partial to a more European unicorn look, rather than the popular "horse with a horn" model--and I wanted the pegasi somewhere in-between. The real fun started when I got to play around with individual ponies within those ideas; like making a heavier built, more powerful, but still ridiculously long-limbed unicorn for Shining's design. Or how Fluttershy is such a cupcake. Or making Rarity a standard for unicorn beauty, and then doing Twi's alicorn variant of it. Aww yeah, I live for this stuff. Honestly, I don't know where I had more fun, goofing off with their human forms, or jumping around coming up with the proportion rules and breakdowns for the pony versions. Actually, I know me, and I know for a fact if I hadn't jumped back and forth between the two, and hadn't had the human forms to keep me grounded, and the pony forms to experiment, I'd never have gotten through everyone. So go team!

Anyway, that's a veritable essay right there. Hope you like these!


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    im surprised you did this, lol