Scaevola by SonicSpirit



26 February 2014 at 22:53:22 MST

Okay, so this one started when I was listening to Sunshine Light Show Flower Seed, by Lemon Demon. There's a line in there, "Angels on the left side, demons on the right," and, being a Latin geek, this got me thinking on how it was funny that Lemon Demon had the angels on the left, when they're usually on the right, given that the left is the "sinister" side.

Which got me thinking about the story of Mucius Scaevola. He's this Roman dude, who legend says, when he was captured by these invaders and was gonna be tortured for information, burnt his own right hand. Like, off. So, these invaders were all, "Fuck this, these guys are crazy," and left. So, Mucius got the nickname "Scaevola" which essentially means "Lefty".

And remember, only barbarians wear pants.

I had a conversation about that (well, mentioned it) to my Asatru friend today. Good times.

So, the invaders are the Dark Legion, cuz I wanted to. Also, robots woulda taken even longer to do, and, really, it's pretty much gonna be Eggman's newest army or the Dark Legion that's gonna torture someone, and that someone, if I want him to burn his hand off, is Knuckles.

^_^ That last panel is kinda mean. Hehe.

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot Knux's tail in the last panel...

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