Tales of a Wandering Mercenary - Chapter 1 - Pilot by somedegeneratefox (critique requested)

Tales of a Wandering Mercenary - Chapter 1 - Pilot (critique requested)


31 January 2019 at 12:48:47 MST

Here we have our first introduction to Folc, a rough-and-tumble mercenary forged by his rough life. Should this series continue we will soon learn plenty more about him, and his adventure to come, but for now we our hero, if he can even be called that, as he battles in a steel-on-steel fight for his life against an unknown assailant.

This is a series I've been thinking of starting up for a while, finally got around to writing the first chapter and hopefully will be populating the rest of my gallery soon enough lol. THe world is heavily influenced by the tabletop game Armello, which I do recommend if it is on sale. The art and cinematics are fantastic, and the gameplay is rather engaging. Rounds go fairly quickly, and I do find myself having a good time whilst playing.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, if this series continues I have more things planned, a big journey, an actual character arc, a couple companions, and the occasional yiff and/or fetish piece because I'm a massive degenerate! Those of you just in it for the plot, don't worry, everything will be marked in a similar fashion to this one and all the sexual content will be skipable. For example, if you want to get right to the "juicy" stuff, head to page 4, though bear in mind it is on a corpse. I was aiming for more of a plot point on this one rather than an erotic one XP