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Reference of Sole by Sole_Runna

Reference of Sole


So I thought it was time to improve the quality of the reference I use for RPing and art and so on. I went to my favorite artist Lethal_Doors on FA and he got this done lickity split and I have to say I love this reference to bits and is probably the best iteration i'll have of Sole.

A super short Description/Background:

Name: Sole
Age: 24
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Species: Sergal

Set in the Cowboy bebop universe

Sole's body is quite toned with muscle from his job and the exercise he does during his downtime. The life of a bounty hunter is fruitful yet it comes at a great cost at times, he’s not much for smiling or laughing but he isn’t totally stone cold he's most often described as aloof. Out in the cosmos though he wouldn't mind the company of some crew members. Sole Started his life as mobster, often chasing those who couldn't pay their loans to the mob. He quickly became the go to guy and became a hitman, and for a while he thought he had it made, an army of men, beautiful woman, money, it was all he could ever ask for. It all came crashing down, the mob considered him too dangerous to employ anymore They destroyed his home, burned his business to the ground and the hunter became the hunted, there was no way he could run from the mob. There was no where he could hide so... he faked his death and disappeared into the depths of space and did what came naturally to him, bounty hunting.

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