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DockFox WIP (animation) by softailfox

DockFox WIP (animation)


Sorry, no finished pic this week, however, i have been dabbling in animation a bit, so i though you guys might wanna see a WIP for this one XD
I'm pretty happy with the flow of the fur in the breeze however ill have to tweak the framerate a bit and also attempt to animate the shirt moving ;)

I'm still trying to learn the workflow for animation and tweak things in my approach (i've re-animated this a bunch of times this week), however after trying a few options, i think im sticking with Krita for now ^-^

This is a very fun process tho, so ill probably open for like small animation commissions once i'm happy with the results :)

Oh also, im still open for non-animated commissions ;)

Thank you for viewing, feedback is welcome :)