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Otter paws (MFF costume pre-pic dump) by SocksCatt

Otter paws (MFF costume pre-pic dump)


26 November 2015 at 15:29:05 MST

I'm posting some detail pics of the otter costume I'll be wearing at MFF this year. It doesn't have a name yet, I'll figure that out closer to MFF itself. But I just finished it, and I wanted to get some pics up to show off the handiwork.

This is a little hard to see, but these are the handpaws / sleeves. Completely hand sewn full sleeves that go up to the shoulder. They're done in polar fleece, which is so handy to work with. You don't need to serge the seams, so it's just easier to work with.

These are designed to be tight to the body, as I'm wearing clothing OVER them. And it stretches, so yay.

The strap you see goes across my back to attach the sleeves together. This should help prevent the sleeves from dropping down while wearing them for extended periods.

The finger webbing and paw pad are felt, and I made them to be asymmetrical. I figure an outdoor, rugged otter will have a few nicks and bruises, and his paw webbing will be a little damaged over time. Most of the webbing is sewn into the seams of the fingers, but I couldn't do that for all the seams so a few are hand stitched on the outsides like the forefinger/thumb web. Up close it's ugly, but it'll work at 5' or more distance.

The fun part of this was the webbing itself. I actually have full finger use while wearing the gloves, I can do sign language if I wanted to. Again, design necessity. I need to be able to handle props / cards.

I'll be posting another pic of it in the otter folder, so you can see the webbing a little better.

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