Fitting Payback - Necra Swimsuit TF by Socks-Bolt

Fitting Payback - Necra Swimsuit TF


8 July 2017 at 00:12:23 MDT

Re-uploaded from SparkBolt3020 -
No worries, this is gonna be the only re-upload, all the rest will be brand new inanimate tfs :D

Re-uploaded description from March:
Birthday gift for koekoek19 as a thank you for all of the art and to celebrate his b-day! Hope you like it!
Here we have Necra as she found herself in a very strange but fitting situation, having turned into a swimsuit for a female Spark. Bit of a story behind this one, basically he made me a sequence in the past where I became a Spark fursuit and was worn by Necra for a bit - I thought it would only be right for Spark to get a special revenge on Necra and show Necra how great it can be to be an output, with Necra having become Spark's new swimsuit in a role reversal. I bet she'll enjoy her new fabric form!
Of course for the swimsuit to fit Spark's had to turn into a girl but she doesn't seem to mind, she seems to enjoy her form and especially loves her new outfit!

Necra owned by koekoek19
Spark owned by me

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