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F-51D Mustang by Social Justice Warmachine

F-51D Mustang

Social Justice Warmachine

2 April 2016 at 14:39:05 MDT

Here's a little design I drew up sometime in 2012, but have surprisingly not submitted here yet. This is the F-51D Mustang. It's a hydrogen-based fuel burning fighter jet conversion of the original North American P51D Mustang. Originally, it was just a fun concept, but lately, I've found that this paricular design may well play a pivotal part in one of the many stories I've been planning on writing. that is, assuming I ever get aroudn to it)

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    Could be a very interesting concept... I think the tail would most likely end up needing to be completely re-worked (both for strength, and so your jet exhaust didn't damage or ignite the tailplanes), along with the nose for a large enough intake. Having the wing spar come straight through below the cockpit would present an interesting challenge for pathing the jet engine... I'd almost be tempted to consider podded engines like the 262 had, either in under-wing installations, or in mid-wing installations close to the fuselage. Cool concept, though!

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      The original F-51D was to be a simply refitted P51D built in secret by militiamen. Literally building a more crude version of that is shown here, meant to intercept (unsuspecting) drones. For the tailplane ignition problem, there would have to be what amounts to ablative skid plates and a retractable tail wheel. The nose was to be a variable-intake, but that didn't show very well in this piece. I am planning to expound on these details in later iterations, hopefully

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        You should! The concept is a really cool one.