Expanding Experiments In Love by Snozzy

Expanding Experiments In Love


24 March 2020 at 15:17:49 MDT

"Oh, look hun! I think our big blobby butts are gonna end up on the news. Hah, we're fatty famous!" Reuben laughs as he points up at the puny chopper hovering hover him. He's careful not to look like he's swiping. He's just here to get big with his boyfriend, not go on some cliche rampage! At least, not yet...

"Oui! Who can blame them for gawking? You are as beautiful as you are large, and you are so very large, mon amour~" Frenchfry can barely bring himself to look up at where Reuben is pointing. He's still struck by just how handsome his boyfriend is with all this added weight, and if that rumbling coming from both their bellies is any indication, they've still got plenty of growing to do...

Somethin' I had sitting around half finished for a while. Wanted to shade it buuuut I spent long enough on it, for now at least. Maybe I'll come back to it someday! I love the idea of Reub and Frenchfry being boyfriends, cooking for eachother, getting huge and fat together. Seems like they're getting REAL big this time, though! Must be some science-y shenanigans goin' on.

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