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Selena Simarkon by SnowVolkolak

Selena Simarkon


She has been waiting in the wings for a long time and ... finally she is here again!
From that time until its metamorphosis, my own simarcon has been waiting since 2017.

Previous version:

During this time, a lot has changed, some ideas came, others were swept aside, but in the end I still came to the final result at the moment (which I seem to be happy with) and she grew up just like that.

Now this muzzle is closest to the image that has been perfected in the head all these years.

This version added:

  • Lighter mane, now the mask is finally not heavy as it was before, it is more comfortable to wear, not so hot and it is easier to move and move the neck in it. And I finally do not get tired of the heaviness.
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Soft nose. Yes-Yes! Inside, it is still soft, and not solid hard plastic, as before, so that it would be more convenient for them to poke into something :)
  • Silicone ears with a realistic auricle (the fur that is on them was used from the old head, so there is still some part of my I from the past on it)
  • LEDs in the eyes (although I once swore not to make them for my suite, but no, it looked so impressive on custom-made faces that I could not resist: D)
  • Eyes with a glare effect. I liked the idea with the "follow me" eyes effect and reflective pupil so much, like the white foxy Kai (originally it was her owner's idea) that I wanted a piece of the same magic. They were hand-painted, shimmery in different colors.
  • Through nostrils
  • Soft removable pads inside the head
  • Very long NFT fur for the comb on the head (hooray, I can do braids)
  • Silicone tongue that can now be pulled out (and shown to everyone)
  • Sliding pad inside the head
  • Smoother and more detailed airbrushing

This is my personal mask, which was created in between projects or on weekends.

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    Fantastic piece of work...!