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Lox wolftiger by SnowVolkolak

Lox wolftiger


Another very unusual beast for me. He is a hybrid of a wolf, with saber-shaped elongated fangs and a tiger, as a result of which he inherited such an unusual appearance and a very original color! Honestly, when I saw these patterns in digital format, at first I didn’t believe how it is possible to reproduce this in reality and on fur - colors, patterns, but not. This was another challenge to ourselves. And I hope that he is still quite successful.

These stripes are like flashes of flame on a dark thunderous, gray skin. As a result, his mane, jewelry and markings reminded me very much of the Indians and ancient predators, the ancestors of all the other carnivore families, which were divided into dogs, cats and others. Perhaps once there were animals that were both wolves and tigers at the same time. Who knows? And they returned to us in such an unusual form.


  • Stitched strips, along with the smallest: they amounted to about 32 pieces on the head, not counting the rest of the stitched marks
  • LEDs
  • Silicone soft tongue
  • Silicone cat nose
  • Jewelry woven into the mane and earring with feathers painted in a gradient color
  • A solid plastic base with a slightly modified anatomy for him reference and cat fit of the nose and elongated fangs
  • Removable cooling system

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