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MoonCricket Male Static Shock Theme Auction [Open] by SnowLillyYukino

MoonCricket Male Static Shock Theme Auction [Open]


Okay, so I've been watching Static Shock for the past few days and I'm almost done watching it considering I've been watching all the older cartoons on my laptop more often. Anyways, after watching it so much I couldn't help myself and just had to make a Mooncricket adoptable based off of the main man himself, Static, and yes this is his first outfit. I will be making adopts for all of them based on the Static Shock characters, I won't be touching the other DC characters until I have designed all the ones based on Static Shock. I feel like that show and hero isn't given enough credit and I just love watching the show because I'm seeing all the heroes and villains who were under appreciated. So for now enjoy all these themes, because I'll be playing with the main heroes and villain as themes first.

SB- $5
MI- $1
AB- $15

Highest Bid-

Owner- none

Auction ends 48 hours after the last bid has been made.
When bidding please reply to the highest bidder.
The new owner will receive a full sized unwatermarked image, this time there are no chibis to be made with this theme.

-You may resell this adoptable. You just need to let me know who the new owner is.
-Please credit me and DC Universe
-Once you have purchased the adopt you will receive the un-watermarked images.
-You can do small changes to the design
-This is for your own personal use only, treat it as an OC of yours
-Do not claim as your own work
-I only accept Paypal at the moment for this set of themes

Species- SnowLillyYukino
Base- NoizRnel on Deviantart
Static Shock and All Characters belong to DC

Submission Information

Visual / Digital