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Pirated Entertainment - POLL


27 April 2019 at 06:18:00 MDT

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Managing to grab hold of those tubes (barely!) our possum girl pulls herself up to relatively dry land, but can she do more than that?! With ass cheeks the size of a small couch, she may have had more mobility as an iceberg, than a hill!

Given our immobile protagonist's limited range of options, we've decided to make this submission's interactive element a poll! As battle rages between the pirate warrior and the latex bound kitty, we wanted to give you the chance to tell us who should win! 

Written by RabidBadger illustrated by me!

Cameo by 146tym of his drunken pirate-for-today girl, Skye

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[ maybe she could pull herself back up with the tubing and then roll into action? ] - Tach0012

            Things looked dire, at least from one perspective. The viewers of the stream doubtless were loving watching the possum flounder and squirm, watching the wolf and the horrid oozing latex cat thing spar, but for Markus there was an extra layer to the whole ordeal. The worse things got, the closer he was to free, and that distance was short indeed now. Enough so that he was willing to get a little reckless.

            The possum had thus far failed at every turn to get anywhere once she hit the water, but there was one saving grace to the situation. She’d landed facing the stone pathway, so the cables hooked to her ass were in sight and in reach. Had she hit the water the other way ‘round the only thing left to do would’ve been float there and accept fate. As it was? The possum took hold of the tubes themselves, slick warm things that felt almost alive in her fingers, wrestling the whole way with her belly’s taut dome getting in the way.

            While the effort seemed herculean from inside, to everyone but the possum her efforts to grab hold of the tubing and haul herself up to the stone pathway looked awkward and feeble. Luckily, she was floating and feeble was adequate to the task of dragging her along, at least until her swollen front touched on the stones like a boat bouncing off a dock.

             A bit of grunting effort followed that, but the possum was fighting an uphill battle against her own body. Literally. Her belly stuck out too far for her to grab the edge properly, and just kept bouncing off when she tried to tug herself in to try again, eventually leading to enough frustration that she let out a growl. One sure to attract attention, but right now that wasn’t a worry she could waste time on. Pulling harder just set her stomach to gurgling ominously, moving pressure around inside but not getting her closer while her body bobbed and bounced, but never quite crested the edge of the stone. Still, there was nothing else for her to try, so the possum squeezed harder and put everything she had left into the next pull.

            It had worried Markus a bit when the possum’s loud grunts were heard on the broadcast. The thundering noise that emerged from the woman’s ass at that was several orders of magnitude worse, it moved in waves of intensity that one could see if they watched the water behind her – and literally everyone capable of it (including the feline goo creature) was watching within the first moment as a hazy, humid cloud barreled out of the possum’s body. A violent release of pressure that nearly caused the woman to pass out, which might have been disastrous had she not found it quite a lot easier to get her front half onto the walkway once her gut had dramatically shrank after all that. She made it halfway up with that heave, albeit with much less than half of her dignity – assuming her colossal butt hadn’t already smashed that beyond recognition.

            Possum butt proved to be the next difficulty, unsurprisingly. It wasn’t so hard for her to keep herself sprawled on her less inflated belly atop the walkway, what with her ass being quite buoyant now, but getting it out of the water? That involved hauling herself up by the tubing again, which was all ignoring the fact that as the possum did this her ass had not ceased to grow. The few moments she took to catch her breath, coughing a little as the musty cloud she had just created reached her nostrils while she was busy breathing so heavily. It delayed things, just a bit, which when all was said and done probably didn’t include the moment that mattered.

            It was a grueling process, getting up onto that ledge. Having to ignore the sounds of resumed fighting nearby, the possum heaved and sneezed, struggled and fought miserably, repeatedly lurching upward and trying to push up on the edge to get herself atop the walkway only to slide back down and rip what few shreds still hung on from her original latex clothing. It wasn’t until she tried just one leg at a time, an act that only worked because of her relative lack of a gut at the moment, that any progress was made. It was still a labored, sloshing thing – she felt her ass undulating and flowing as much as the liquid was, but it got more of her on land than off it.

            After that, all the possum had to do was pull herself the rest of the way up. Not something that happened quickly, but something that at least didn’t have the risk of her falling back in to go with it. That problem had worked itself out – which just left the original issue, or two – the snarling beast that sent the wolf who had been protecting her stumbling back a few steps, and the sheer enormity of her hindquarters. The growth hadn’t stopped, and neither had the steady wobbling of all that flesh. Each time the bulk of her bottom shifted and flowed from one side to the other it came away from it a bit larger, and the added weight and momentum seemed determined to ensure her ass would wobble eternal.

            Exhausted as she was, the possum tried again to free herself of those relentless injectors. It had been one thing to get ahold of the tubes in the water, with them curled around her, but now? Now they had arced back to their normal state, and she found them largely out of reach from where she was lying. The possum felt like she had a fat person sitting on each of her legs and they were playing keep away with the hoses, which just meant she needed to turn herself over and stand up to try and make real progress again. Just turn herself over, and-

            The possum heaved to the side, tilting a bit as she did – one leg lifted from the ground an inch or two, then collapsed heavily back down with a damp clapping sound. It also left the possum breathing heavily and sneezing again. Which didn’t stop her from attempting to push herself off the floor another way, straight up instead. What resulted from the attempt looked like a yoga pose at first, an arched back with her waist flat to the ground, but it wasn’t the intent. There was just so much weight saddling her below the waist that the possum couldn’t seem to get herself off the ground, all she managed was jiggling and giving everyone around her a show as the person-sized halves of her ass quaked with each futile struggle.

            Markus felt a surge of anxiety in him as he watched the numbers move during that performance, specifically the one that rolled itself from negative into positive. It was a hell of a thing, an immense weight off his shoulders – even if it meant a huge weight added to that possum woman’s bottom. Every time she wiggled and feebly reached behind her another trickle of credits came in – all that was left to do now was see who won the fight, and what they did with her.


Possum Status: Horny, Less Bloated, Badonked Out
 Status Effects: Involuntary Glove, Root Fingers, Butt Doom
Inventory: Tall Boots (Sometimes Invisible), The Guilt of a Dead Latex One Piece
Weapons: Distracting Ass?
You See: An Eclipse Shaped like a Butt
You Hear: An Epic Battle, The Sound of Your Own Ass Growing
Exits: So Close, Yet So Far
Overflow Credits: 22,152

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