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Pirated Entertainment - Grab The Key


14 April 2019 at 08:09:04 MDT

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A plan is hatched, out of desperation or a desire for more credits, Markus and his possum avatar figure out their best bet. The problem is, sometimes plans don't work out...

Below you will see what our heroic possum avatar sees as the game continues, and from there all of you get to chime in with input. Ask questions, suggest what Markus should have her do next, etc - we will respond to your comments and integrate them into the next post. By all means, feel free to go wild with the ideas!

Written by RabidBadger illustrated by me!

Cameo by 146tym of his drunken pirate-for-today girl, Skye

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[Remove the needles while the wolf is distracted/try and grab the key] - qwerty80
Markus hesitated. The course of action that came to mind was downright intrusive thought, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t potentially work. The key was right there. All that made him question the choice was whether or not the possum was quick enough to snatch it and get to the door in time – but there were arguments in favor of their chances too. The wolf was busy, and drunk. It would be over in a heartbeat – well, more like five, but still. If the wolf had something else slowing her down for a moment though?
Still feeling a bit guilty over the idea, Markus put the plan into motion despite the doubt. Or tried to. The possum reached down to yank the injectors out of her thoroughly swollen butt and realized there was a problem – it had stretched so far out that she could no longer reach the underside of it. The moment that failure registered Markus saw a significant burst of donations hit, a dizzying one that he didn’t entirely know what to make of – his first instinct was ‘do it again’ but the impact was only going to be that good the first time, right?
Maybe not -as- good, but Markus wagered he’d get another jolt to his debt out of the matter if he put in enough effort. The possum wobbled in place, her sense of balance all but gone, reaching for the injectors – trying to contort herself back to get her hands that far down only to come up short. What’s more, she couldn’t even get her tail to curl around the thing, it had gotten too thick to properly wrap around. If that wasn’t bad enough, she seemed to be blushing as she realized her latex one-piece was slowly splitting along the front.
Gratifyingly, the donation ticker saw another surge, though predictably not quite as intense… until it was. Markus blinked, watching the numbers jolt and shift, then dragged his attention back around to the ‘game’ again to see if he’d missed something that might explain the matter. Sure enough, shit was happening. The horrible cat thing had gotten a hand on the wolf’s arm and her grip seemed to have totally circled the arm and was gradually spreading from the point of contact, but the wolf had the electrified tip of her spear in the cat’s shoulder and it was causing a stalemate of sorts. The wolf lacked the freedom of movement to pull loose, the cat lacked the strength in her arm to finish her attack.
The possum on the other hand lacked the stability to stay on her feet. All that squirming and reaching had turned to over-reaching, leaving the woman’s eyes widening as her gradually, direly swelling ass tipped her over the edge of the platform she stood on, leaving the water rushing up to meet her as she toppled forward into it.
There was a brief moment of panic in the possum that led to wildly flailing arms as she hit, then almost bounced right back out. The dome of her belly refused to sink more than an inch or two down – and her ass really wasn’t doing much better on that front. Together, the pair of overblown attributes left the possum floating in place like a pool toy, a lopsided one at that.
Marcus wasted no time trying to salvage the situation, to get the possum moving. If she just pulled far enough away it ought to disengage the injectors, presumably. It just would take some effort, some coordination, kick her legs right – kick them at all, if she could make them move properly and get her damn thighs to stop rubbing off and bouncing against each other…
Her arms, too – one had to use their whole body to swim after all, which would’ve been a lot easier if her gigantic beach ball belly wasn’t floating so high it made her unable to reach more than a handful of water at a time. The end result was the possum bobbing precariously in the water, going absolutely nowhere, not quite generating enough momentum to pull herself free.
The upside was the impotent flailing about in the water appeared to be resonating with the viewers to an absurd degree, the downside was Markus had gotten the possum thoroughly stuck and she was still hooked in. No matter how panicked the desperate flailing got it just kicked up a bit of water by her hands and made gentle ripples by her overflowing thighs and butt as they feebly tried to spread apart from one another.
While the possum couldn’t see behind her all that well, and she did try, Markus had no such issues. He could see the stalemate between the cat and the wolf growing more intense, the cat’s body had started to alter itself to deal with the wound – removing mass from the shoulder and adding it to its other, uninjured arm. The tension was clearly working in his favor as far as his debt went, but Markus wasn’t completely heartless either – he didn’t want the wolf or the possum to end up at the mercy of whatever that thing was.
Problem was, as he watched the possum drift slowly into the water until the cords attached to her balloon-like ass went taut and then tugged her back, he wasn’t sure what the heck he could do about it now. All the possum seemed to be able to manage was to float there and grow, slowly tilting as her each half of her ass was putting excellent progress in toward rivaling the rest of her entire body in size and had thus begun to offer a counter-balance to her belly.
If nothing else, it gave her a tiny bit more leverage – and made her a little bit less stable where she was floating. The question was how could those things be put to use, and what would it cost to try?
Possum Status: Horny, Bloated, At least two Badonk Status Effects: Involuntary Glove, Yoga Ball Middle, Root Fingers, The Butt that Sings the Song that Ends the World Inventory: Tall Boots (Sometimes Invisible) One Piece (Latex – Spiky Back – Screaming Inside) Weapons: Meteor Buttocks You See: Some Pretty Flowers You Hear: An Epic Battle, The Sound of Your Own Ass Growing Exits: West (An Actual Door), South-Ish (Bad Plants), East (A Swim, A Large Pool, Flowers) Debt Remaining: 82,661 Credits

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