Seeking Sherwood (YCH OPPORTUNITY) by SmallerGod

Seeking Sherwood (YCH OPPORTUNITY)


2 April 2019 at 18:19:36 MDT

-=Seeking Sherwood=-

Hey there! Seeking Sherwood is a NEW collaborative project by myself and rabidbadger, starring YOUR characters! 

That's right, along the same lines as The Rendering Pit's Second Arc and Fiber Optic Bundles of Joy, Seeking Sherwood will be a series of chapter and picture combinations illustrating the story of Vice-Regent Amourres and her companions (you) as you track down the illusive Sherwood Fleet, and the ominous power that resides within. 

Seeking Sherwood offers THREE different character slots for you to choose from:

From either of the two collared, indentured servants turned fat storage, referred to by the Vice-Regent as 'lard slaves' (Your story arc will include MASSIVE WEIGHT GAIN and address the questions of how you ended up as an indentured servant and how do you cope with your body being used to store the fat another person accumulates)

To the ex-Rendering Pit student, a student of powerful teleporter technologies who has become embroiled in the Vice-Regent's plans (Your story will be a little more flexible, the fate of the student lies in your hands! From xwg, blueberry, dronification, to whatever you can think of, if we do it, we're more than happy to work through it with you, to ensure your fate is deliciously planned as you desire~) 

The story will run an estimated 5 chapters, each YCH character will be given an ADDITIONAL chapter written from their own POV and illustrated by yours-truly, each character will be featured in at LEAST 3 pictures throughout the arc of the story, detailing the transformation of your characters from who they were, to what they will become! 

Estimated value of the above work is over 350USD PER CHARACTER!

Character slots in this story will be sold in the following posts:

Lardslaves 1 and 2 click here

ex-Rendering Pit student click here

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