New Macabre Ref by SlyMrFox

New Macabre Ref


18 February 2013 at 11:42:56 MST

Name: Macabre(real name unknown by all but her)

Nickname(s): Mac, Bloody Mary, Blind Mac, Mackie Baby, Mackie

Ethnic: American

Age: 26

Weight: 125 lbs.

Height: 5' 7"

Species: rat

occupation: runs her own apothecary, selling home remedies and alchemical potions. she also works both as a police and freelance occult investigator

Location: Currently residing in rural southeast Alaska

Personality: quiet, wise, small and somewhat dry sense of humor, and a bit witty, she mainly hangs to the shadows and only speaks mainly to give out advice or explanation

background: not much is know about Macabre, except she has a steadfast desire to rid the world of wicked and evil cults. once just a blood alchemist and minor mage, she sacrificed her eyes to gain the powers of a blood mage. she is an albino and has skin disease that makes sunlight burn her skin.

Thrall: Grey, a strong grey squirrel whom Macabre found dead in an alleyway before losing her eyes, she enchanted his body to act as her bodyguard.

Macabre and art © slymrfox

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