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Creation Process by SlippingStar (critique requested)

Creation Process (critique requested)


31 January 2014 at 12:22:10 MST

Material: Pencil, Ink, Prismacolor colored pencils
Time: 7 hours
When I sketch a piece, I typically don't use "base shapes" or "skeletons" unless there's multiple characters or a type of animal I'm not familiar with. I ink the piece based on the light source and distance from the foreground: highlights get light lines, shadows heavy lines. What's more, the closer to the foreground it is, the more line variety it has; the farther away, the less it has. I erase the pencil lines, then block in the base colors lightly. I then color in the shadows and highlights. The last bit is a balance, where I blend the base color and highlights until thoroughly burnished. Unfortunately, scans bring out the little white spots that cameras blend in. But lastly, I clean up the stray marks and color of the sketch paper in the free version of Photoshop.

Art and Character (c) SlippingStar