My Favorite Animal Contest Entry by SlippingStar

My Favorite Animal Contest Entry


20 February 2013 at 18:40:21 MST

"What I want you to do is pick ONE of your favorite animals, and to put them in a scene that you don’t normally see them portrayed as.

I’m not saying to have something where this animal wouldn’t do what you are placing them in… but rather, a fact about the animal that you find very interesting/new, and want to put it into art."


While trying to find what makes a rat boggle, I stumbled across this very useful site for any rat owner. While I read THE WHOLE DAMN THING, I found that "Ear wiggling is part of a suite of solicitation behaviors in which the female initiates and maintains mounting behavior by the male." In simpler terms, does (females) flirt with bucks (males) by wiggling their ears, and bucks think it's hot. I found this VERY amusing. Mating behavior is so weird. XD

For your viewing enjoyment;

A doe in the act of wiggling

A sex-confused buck

EDIT: I WON FIRST PLACE!! Here's what the judges had to say about it!

The setting is very well crafted, with showing that they are indeed pets (with the cage) and with the description, you know which one is male and which one is female. The composition is well laid out as well, having a slope from the right. I personally love how the doe (female) rat is lifting a paw!

For the description, she gets more points from me because of the info put into this! She linked a helpful site for any rat owner, and linked a couple of videos showing her “fact” in motion! Even linking to what she meant by “boggle” was an extra treat! This went beyond what I asked for, and this is why she is 1st!

Also the fact that she used the male and female terminology for rats. ;3 That was a nice add!

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