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6 March 2015 at 06:32:35 MST

littlebat created the pteradactyl parts (head, tail, wings & feet), and did the colors on a base Bought & Built by me using waitress' bases.

Adoptable Info:

  • Price: $15.00 USD

What You Will Recieve upon confirmation of payment
The High-res, Unwatermarked file, and full rights to the character


  • PAYPAL ONLY (I'll send my paypal via private message to the interested party)
  • Serious Buyers Only!
  • Please Comment down below if you're interested in purchasing the adoptable. Private Messages will not be counted.
  • I'm willing to hold onto the adoptable for up to 2 days after an agreement has been made to purchase them.
  • In the event the interested party is unable to pay or changes their mind (or after the 2 day grace period for payment), I will simply keep the submission up, hide the previous party's post, and wait for a new buyer.
  • Interested parties Must have the funds ready if you're looking to buy the adoptable.
  • Please Do Not re-sell these adoptables without contacting me first!

((All adoptables I post will also be advertised over on Inkbunny. I'll do my best to keep things up to date and in order, but please double check over on Inkbunny to see if someone else has commented to buy it first. - ))

Bases (c) waitress


With the release of this adoptable, comes the first glimpse at an upcoming add-on pack to go along with the Cozy Studios 2014 Character Base sheet created and sold by waitress.

Featuring all new parts designed by littlebat! We hope that these additional parts will help spice things up for those who are seeking to add a little something more to their creations. So please keep your eyes peeled on either mine or littlebat's account for news on when this pack is to be released!

For now though, we hope you all enjoy the adoptables and help spread the word of what's to come~! :3

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    You're a fantastic artist o.O

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      Sadly, i can't take credit here >w<; This one, (and a few others in my gallery) were made using the character creation packs sold by Waitress, I just bought the pack of parts from her
      And then Littlebat is the one who drew the pteradactyl parts (wings, head, tail, feet) and colored him >w<

      I'm glad you like it though! I just hope him and the others sell.. They've been sitting here for a few months now. :c

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        Bah, but they look so good D:
        People are butts.....

        Better than my shit, lol

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          Hehe, Well i'm glad you like them all the same <3 Just wish more people would take interest in actually purchasing. But ehhhh... Money's tight so I understand i guess.

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            But really, they're awesome!

            You know, it's like people who buy some blue standard marked corgi with red ribbons, but yours stay :/

            Welcome! ❤

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              There's nothin wrong with blue standard marked corgis with red ribbons :3 but i get your point X3

              Word of mouth is definitely a contributing factor as well to how often I sell stuff. But unfortunately, only One person who's bought an adoptable from me has posted not only the ref sheet they bought, but art they've gotten of the character since it's purchase. It always bothered me when people just buy a character and never use it. I can understand not being an artist or anything, and not having the money to buy commissions, but at least show off your babies like a proud parent! D:

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                I understand that, but sometimes you forget you have them or lack of time? I dunno D: