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Sparkle Dachshund Adoptables -- $15 -- 2 LEFT! by SleepyChi

Sparkle Dachshund Adoptables -- $15 -- 2 LEFT!


4 July 2014 at 10:47:45 MDT

Decided to make some adoptables to save up money for my Megaplex fund.
Plus people really like Sparkle Alex and maybe would want a sparkle dachshund of their own??

About the Sparkle Dachshund:
Sparkle dachshunds are colorful dachshunds. They are usually unnatural-colored, sporting many markings. They always have a white belly and a semi-white face. The sparkle doxies have a special "element", or marking, which is unique to them (think MLP's cutie marks, or Care Bears) and represent their specialty. The unique markings are found on their ears, shoulders, hips, and back. Sparkle doxies also have small wings which allows flight, and can be pulled back into their backs at will if they do not wish to have their wings exposed. All sparkle doxies are usually upbeat and friendly and are never negative. They thrive in a happy fantasy world full of creatures like faeries. The fur has a shiny, glossy, almost glittery look to it. Some sparkle doxies' markings even have the ability to glow at will.

Each one of these guys is $15 USD.
NO TRADES, I'm sorry :< Maybe another time!

Once adopted, you are eligible for a discounted ref sheet commission from me, if you decided you want to commission a ref of the character.

1.) Playing Cards: OPEN
2.) Citrus Fruit: OPEN
3.) Yin-Yang: SOLD!
4.) Rain / Water: SOLD!

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