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Scaled Armlet in Progress by Slayzar (critique requested)

Scaled Armlet in Progress (critique requested)


Feedback or suggestions would be cool if anyone has any for this thing i'm working on.

An idea I've been kind of cooking in the back of my head off and on are these single or paired upper armlets. Kind of a fun jingly decoration idea. Aside from this basic design I've cobbled together its been a bit slow going on this one.

So far I think the fourth row down of scales just mixes into the third too much for it to hold a pattern with the first two so either the fourth needs to go or they need to become a single color that just meshes together.

The elastic ring in this test piece isn't great, so I need to find something that stretches, but doesn't wear out for the most part, but haven't been able to find the right thing down at the fabric or craft store yet.

Finally I was thinking of adding some links of chain hanging down from the bottom, maybe standard fine chain, maybe some colorfull links, not sure on it yet. Possibly some tiny bells on the end of some of them as well?

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