Mythrien by SkylesTheOtter



21 December 2013 at 14:59:31 MST

He was once an Arche-Druid of Kelethin but a certain change of events changed that, His father, Kyth, turned completely evil and tried to kill everyone in Kelethin, when Mythrien heard this on his way back from an errand he instantly started running faster than he thought he could but when he got there, there were dead bodies and blood everywhere. His heart dropped and he went to his house to grab his staff but the house was completely destroyed so he had to dig through the rubble to find his staff. To his amazement, his staff was completely fine after he grabbed his staff he heard a loud crash, he ran outside and found his father trying to kill one of the Arche-Mages but it seems that his father is losing. He ran to help the Arche-Mage and when he reached the Arche-Mage, he saw that she was missing an arm and it was bleeding horribly bad so he grabbed her shoulder and start healing her while she was defeating what was once his father. The Arche-Mage threw one last fire-bolt and killed the enemy before she passed out and Mythrien says: "Well, you worked hard, young soldier, I'm sorry you had to go through such horrid pain..You fought my father and brought peace into Faydark...Thank you..for what you've done... to save Faydark.." Mythrien passed out from the amount of stress he put on his body from recovering the wounded arm to it's original state.

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