Frequent Customer by Skunkbomb

Frequent Customer


8 October 2014 at 06:59:01 MDT

Grunkle Vernon may want to buy his tomato juice in advance. Or maybe he's already run out. Good thing tomato juice is cheap at The Mire Family De-Skunkin' Station run by Theodore's family. Theodore looks a bit older in this pic, but I wouldn't be surprised if he kept working there. He seems to like the job for the most part.

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    JEEZE what a scam. Just go around sprayin' folk and makin' 'em buy their project.

    Time to switch to ol' vinegar.

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      Aw, but skunks spray to defend themselves. I'm 95% sure Theodore didn't spray Grunkle Vernon this time.

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        Always that 5%! :P

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    He seems to have one interesting expression on his face. Almost seems as if he's the one who did it. gets suspicious

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      He couldn't have done it. He's been at the shack for hours now. There are plenty of skunks in those parts. I'm 95% sure it wasn't him.

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        He sure does look like he's enjoying himself nonetheless. Hehe.