The Many Faces of Jed by Skunkbomb

The Many Faces of Jed


14 March 2014 at 09:59:43 MDT

Jed feigning innocence: "I didn't bump no shelf over Old Man Mephit, it was that other possum!"
Jed twitterpatted: "Well ain't she purdy. She got eyes bluer than, uh, blue flowers."
Jed vs. Math: Lemme see, do I gotta cut each apple into three pieces for that pie? Then how am I gonna cut the apples into four pieces for them whole rabbit family?"
Jed being silly. Also, hat 2.0 (now with flower): You ain't gonna catch me today!
Jed skunked. "Phewee! Shucks, this is the second time this month!"

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    jed is one cool character

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      I'm glad you like him! I'm still in the process of uploading stuff to my gallery, so you'll see more of Jed.