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Free Renamon model fully rigged for free! by Skamiroth (critique requested)

Free Renamon model fully rigged for free! (critique requested)


For Blender 3.1

Full name: Prototype 07 Ausf D Mark VII

So, after a long time I’m finally releasing her, you can find the model here:

Video about how her rig works here:

The model it’s free, however any donations will be EXTREMELY welcome!
I created this Renamon model from scratch. I updated her rig to make it as much friendly-user as possible. Unlike my previous model now helpers and controllers have a text to help you know what does what. And even some of them can be disabled by scaling the controller down.

– 51,454 triangles (with subdivisions in render by default, and not counting ruffle). Almost all geometry based on quads.
– 165 bones, between modifiers and helpers. Most of the bones are limited in order to prevent breaking the model. I believe it’s easier to animate or pose a model if you don’t need to worry about a limb moving into an impossible position. I really put a heck ton of time limiting everything.
– Arms and legs are IK based. There are controllers for elbows and knees.
– 70 Blendshapes (actually more), with as “user friendly” controllers I could come with. Most of these are face expressions which can be used independently.
– Several complex controllers have a text next to them explaining how they work right there. So there is no need to switch to a doc file to know what does what (like in my previous Renamon Ausf B model I relased in the past).
– UV maps are mirrored in order to increase details with the hair texture. However I can easily tweak these if for some reason I need to do something which involves asymmetry in the textures.

  • SFW model, no genitala shown.

    NOTE: When resetting her pose usually you need to reset it TWICE (for instance with ALT-G) there is a bug where if you reset her pose only once she doesn’t fully resets.

    You can use her in whatever you like. Non commercial, and can’t redistribute her.
    I would love to hear your feedback! (I tweaked her as much as I could but surely there must be some bugs and weird things that needs to be fixed that must have slipped despite my best efforts)
    If there is enough interest I might tweak her further, these are my plans:
    – Prototype 07 Ausf D Mark VIII – Fix any bugs that people reports to me PLUS adding visemes (move her month/muzzle forming phonemes) so she can talk.
    – Prototype 07 Ausf F Mark II – NSFW model of this. Actually I DO have the Mark I which I posted in my NSFW account, but this was based on Ausf D Mark VI (which has the changes I already mentioned in my previous posts. So F MK I has an outdated rig.

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