Limited Edition Ultimus Dragon 3D Print by SixthLeafClover

Limited Edition Ultimus Dragon 3D Print


23 March 2015 at 10:48:45 MDT

Heavens Wrath 3D Print


**Only 1 left! **

Each Heaven's Wrath 3D Printed Figurine is $500 USD plus shipping!

You get 1(One) sculpture as well as a 8.5" X 11" Metallic Print of the original painting I had done. Here:

• I will be personally signing and numbering each sculpture. I will sign the front of the print as well.

•These are assembled and hand painted by me. This is a original 3D modeled design I had made.

•There are only 5 figurines that will be produced for this round. The availability is first come and first serve. First 5 individuals who submitted this request form will receive a confirmation email.

•A PayPal Invoice will be sent to the individuals when their figurines are ready to be shipped. An estimated shipping time will be given in the confirmation email.

•Only one figurine per individual.

•Please note that you are required to pay that invoice within 3 days. If the invoice is not paid within 3 days, the invoice will be withdrawn and your request will be canceled.

•The figurine will be offered to the next individual on this list. No payment plans beyond the invoice of full amount will be offered. Submitting this request form is a confirmation of agreement to the terms of services stated here. Shipping to addresses within the US is $15. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is $30. Shipping to all other international addresses is $45.

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