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Movie Inconsistencies and Flaws by Sivar

Movie Inconsistencies and Flaws

Now granted I never really like to nitpick movies I like but sometimes it’s just so hard to not pay attention to details. Take for instance the movie I’m watching now as I type this, the Running Man. After watching it like 200 times at this point I notice more and more the inconsistencies that lie within. Take for instance at the beginning of the movie you see the billboard showing a promo for the running man tv show ad it uses all the footage from the movie for the promo. Not out of the ordinary it’s something they usually put in post anyway. The big thing is when they are getting their collars removed, watch as Arnold sits down in the chair, He’s smokeing a NEWLY LIT cigar the whole time before he sits. Then after he sits down the cigar is not lit and it’s brand new as he lights it up with a match. This is just one instance in that movie something not right, there are others but I’m not nitpicking one movie I’m just pointing out they all have those problems. A lot of times in movies it will be something small like the lit cigar thing, other times it will be HUGE differences and those are most evident in B-movies and those before 1990. One of the funniest things I find in some movie from the 80’s is the fact they talk about the near future being horrific, and some of those movies made you think that’s the way society has been heading in the Cold war era. Here it is 2013 and how many 80’s Sci-fi movies said this would already be post nuclear wasteland or a giant police state. Some were close others WAY off, and by the way were are my Flying cars, I was promised flying cars by now. Some other inconsistencies I see in movies is the props, take for instance I see movie props made out of paintball markers or their accessories. Like some Sci-fi guns were they leave on the feed ports or the obvious use of old paintball masks repainted to look futuristic. Another major thing I notice in films especially right now in the running man is blood or dirt on the uniform to magically disappear in the next scene. That drives me nuts, the same goes with broken stuff, one second the glass is broken the next its back together on the shelf.

I’m sure you have noticed them at one time or another but it’s just those things that drive you crazy after you watch a movie 4 or 5 times. Here is a good one for you, have you ever noticed the my glasses flew off when I got slapped, punched, sudden stopped, and they flew off my face, yet the next scene they are back were they belong unless it’s supposed to happen in the script, moments. Or even the color changing small items, one moment it’s blue then next it’s black or red or even green. Then the you have the funnier one I think is the disappearing bullet holes or knife holes. Hey didn’t he get shot or stabbed, where did the wound marks go? Some of the worst flaws in movies it the utter lack of physics and reality in some movies. Like how electricity flows or how you can ride a bomb blast wave. Sure it’s a movie but still a like a little realism in my sci-fi. One of the worst is when a car should have flipped over and probably did during filming never does as they cut out that part. The best part of movies I like that’s a major inconsistency is the Hollywood overacting while dyeing scenes. In reality you should know the guy should be stone dead but for some odd reason they give the actor a death scene were he says something prophetic or does one last dieing attack that fails. Last but not least the black wire attached to a harness that your not supposed to see as it makes the actor fly unrealistic distances from an explosion or something else meant to suspend them for whatever reason. Sure the wire is supposed to be ultra thin and invisible to the camera but there are just those times were the camera picks it up clear as day for a slit second or 3. I see this flaw more in modern day movies as they try to make things as realistic as possible like in movies were the actor is supposed to be in zero-g. Not every studio can afford the “vomit comet” to film scenes in so they have to make due with the black wire harneses.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll let you add to this and be movie specific if you like in the comments section below.

Movie Inconsistencies and Flaws


6 June 2013 at 19:04:09 MDT

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