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An Immortal Ensemble by siskmarek

An Immortal Ensemble


The new banner is a sampling of some of the characters from SGW, a story universe I've been working on for a long while.

From left-to-right: the lioness, Labwa; the yumar, Bashful (above); the raccoon, Vinci (below); the yumar, Artisan; the fox, Cassius; the rat, Adriana; the sergal, Rose; the sergal, Keis; the skotter, Taras; the wolf, Lian; and the rat, Maria.

The more cultured amongst you may know some of these characters from elsewhere. Bashful, Vinci, and Artisan are from a wonderful little slice-of-life comic called, sensibly enough, Vinci & Arty. They also cameo in several side-arcs in a much, much darker and nightmare fuel-infused comic that's also about the afterlife, which is hilarious considering how adorable they are. Hooray for sugar apocalypses? The artist, Candy, has been pretty chill letting me use her characters in my own little story of Heaven-and-Hell. Love and hugs go out to her for being so awesome!

The other character that's not my creation is Taras, owned by this guy here. He's been riding my coattails begging for free art as long as I can remember. I got fed up with it and decided to 'put him to work' by rolling his character, a hybrid of a skunk and an otter (weird), into the story as Keis' friend and classmate, sort of the Arnold Rimmer to Keis' Dave Lister. It must have worked, because I haven't heard any begging happen since.

The rest of them are mine, though some are compelled derivatives of certain other characters from that certain other comic about Heaven and Hell...


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    "He's been riding my coattails begging for free art..." It takes a true friend to constantly beg one for art after so many years. :)

    Definitely love hearing every update on this story.

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    Sooo what happened with siskmarek not being on pc because of some problems that we dont know?

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      Intermediaries are still in place, though the efficiency and quality of translation has improved greatly due to practice.

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        Definitely keep us up to date on the situation. :)