Miss Fox stuff by SirMeo

Miss Fox stuff


30 July 2014 at 08:50:31 MDT

So yeah, more Miss Fox. I've cleared up her color scheme now [red - black - gold and/or white details ] and she has this very cartoony physique. I personally prefer women with small breasts, so I kinda gave her big ones just so she wouldn't have the exact same body shape as another of my lady characters... (I love women with killer hips and thighs, okay, especially if they have tiny waists... )

I still am not fully sure how furry tattoos work, so I made her "tattoos" single, solid color not only to work with her general color scheme, but also to imply it's not a "tattoo" but more like intricately dyed fur. Playing it off as dyed fur also means I don't need a real "reference" or consistency with them :D whatever works with the picture goes.

I dunno still if I want to keep her.
If there is interest, I might sell or raffle her off, or just give her away to someone who expresses interest.

Also before and after:
Someone had saved a super old picture of Miss Fox, like 6 years or so ago? One of my firsts uploads on FA I think.

I hope it's apparent which one is new and which one is old :P

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