Window of Thoughts by Siplick (critique requested)

Window of Thoughts (critique requested)


23 February 2013 at 18:53:09 MST

Window of Thoughts

I could write thousands of words explaining the reason why I needed to work on something like this, but then I would waste my time trying to do something that is nearly impossible to complete. So this is just a summary - a window of my thoughts.

You see, I'm the kind of person who enjoys isolation. I find social activities exhausting, and sometimes people are so loud and invasive that they push me away from dealing with others. I'm eccentric and most people don't like me at all, but neither do I. I like long discussions and deep conversations and not everybody suffices my needs. I enjoy being alone and thinking about everything, so there's nothing that makes me feel better than immersing into my mind.

I didn't know where I wanted to get with this drawing - I just let my hand flow and stopped when I liked it. No rules, no references, just some inspirational music and my thoughts. It's been a while since I drew something truly personal, and not just a simple non-commissioned drawing. And hell, it feels good.

● Character belongs to me. Drawing was done by me.

Do not copy, trace or reproduce my artwork without my permission.

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    Great stuff, love the scene.

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      Thank you :)