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Commission information 2014 by Simbo

Commission information 2014


Sketches - Full body stylized sketch
$20 for a basic sketch. $25 Flat color with some cell shading.

Rendered - Fully painted character in photoshop
$40 portrait $80 full body

Rendered Illustration - Waist up or Full body with simple background. Price depends on complexity of the image. You will receive a process sketch.
$100 +plus

Brush Inked Drawing - 100% traditional hand inked with an itty bitty paintbrush. This can be shipped for extra cost depending on buyers location.
$25 Portrait $40 Full body

Simple animated drawings- examples are like my icon, as well as and other images in my gallery. Full body, (there is a frame and movement limit)

Buyer beware anyone who commissions me is subject to my style of drawing/painting.
Price may change if you have a super complicated character (ex: dragon with rainbow wings, 6 heads, and tattoos).
Extra charge if you do not have reference for me.
I will do gore, and in some cases nudity but nothing for the most part nothing NSFW.

Let me know if you have any questions. :D

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    you have no idea how badly i wish i could spend money on your art right now :c

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      The idea of paper $$ money is so unfair!
      I just want to trade pebbles and old rusty nails for stuff, and to pay loans with!
      sakefhs the easy life :D

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    Hey there! Would you take commissions for more screaming heads? Just saw those and I am smitten.