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17 August 2016 at 14:31:58 MDT

Read my Terms of Service here!

Availale slots are listed on my dA front page (easier to keep it just in one place). If all slots have been claimed, you can get added to a waiting list, and I will contact you once there are slots available.
You can have two small orders for one slot, bigger ones take a slot each.

Here is a handy currency converter.

Payments up-front, via Paypal (inside Finland normal bank transfer). I will send you an invoice; please don't send me money until I request it.

Certain things, such a mature content, post-completion edits, or deadlines may result in additional costs. These are explained in the ToS.

All traditional originals can be shipped to the client! The costs of shipping vary depending on the shipping destination, and the size of the artwork.
For registered mail, the current prices are approximately 10 EUR for Europe, 13 EUR for international and 8 EUR for Finland, for most things I offer at the moment.

If you have any questions, fire away and I'll answer asap!

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