Personal::Lost Opportunities by silversummersong

Personal::Lost Opportunities


19 August 2015 at 21:39:49 MDT

Blossoms born from a boy's dreams,
Nothing is quite as it seems.
Stifled by a man's reality.
Chains tie me to the world's fatality
Give me a blank slate,
So I can conquer this fate.

A step ahead, a step behind.
Catch the dream I wish to find.
Sunrise, sunset
Don't let this wound fest.
Mother, father don't keep me tethered,
Let me go catch forever!
My digital painting I did for graphic design class. The idea behind this piece is life mistakes. The cherry blossom tree represents a childhood dream and the swan is reality. Sometimes we find ourselves chained to "the real world" and don't go out to pursue our dreams and the dreams get put on the back burner and die. The ship is lost opportunities from the saying "that ship has sailed". Only the man is chained though to the swan. The child still is free to roam and create his own world, so why doesn't he leave? I had an interesting experience a few years when I went to the presidential inauguration. The program I went with had Chinese exchange students. I'm not sure how it came up, but I remember one boy had talked about how he wanted to be a firefighter when he was older, but his father wouldn't allow it because he wanted him to go into business. So I drew inspiration from that, and in this piece the father is holding his son back from chasing his dreams. Then finally, the time of day was important to me. It could either be sunrise or sunset—the blurring of the beginning and the end.

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