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Midnight Magic by SilverNarRukka

Midnight Magic


You're nearing the last hour of your watch as the rest of your group takes their rest. Lulled with some sense of security, you take a yawn yet fight the temptation to close your tired eyes. That's when you hear a snap of a twig and a blur of movement from just outside your view. Was something actually there? You decide to go to your nearest teammate and rouse him up and mutter your concern.

Ferak mumbles to you something incoherent. You repeat yourself and this time shake him a bit more violently. In almost a flail, Ferak gets to his feet. He's nearly in the buff but cares little about that fact as runes and glyphs revolve around his arm which gives the area a faint violet glow. You point to where you heard the noise and he walks to your side and smiles, "Don't worry, I got your back if you got mine."

I guess I'm slowly creating a choose-your-adventure-here thing with Ferak's posts... Oh well. I kinda rushed this one cause I felt compelled to post something in August. And as I type this I have 15 minutes left in my own timezone so it counts! This was mostly another attempt at muscle study for the back. Hope you guys enjoy!

As always, feel free to checkout my main gallery on FurAffinity! -->

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    That looks cool :O

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      So glad you like it :3 Always fun playing around with different effects for magic