regal leather rabbit mask with gold leaf by SilverCicada

regal leather rabbit mask with gold leaf


30 June 2015 at 15:55:24 MDT

It had been ages since I had had a reason to use gold leaf and I was having a real itch to do something delicate. I wave been planning on doing darker versions of the three bisque masks I had recently for the museum.. I had already finished a darker version of the goat mask and had the hare formed and ready to paint in a similar scheme but the gold leaf was just singing to my heart. The gold swirls are not tooled in like the rest of the details but freehanded on without any pattern. Because of this, this mask will be one of a kind. I was very loose with my application of the leaf to give it a well aged but loved look. I wanted it to seem like it had been made for the first carnival and cherished ever since. Not pictured but this mask has a buckle and strap closure and will be for sale at the Dragon con art show. If you would like to commission something similar please feel free to contact me here or through my Etsy store.

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