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A Fighting Hare - Mouseflower Zine by SilentRavyn

A Fighting Hare - Mouseflower Zine


Wot wot! Jolly good! This hare may look friendly but I would not mess with her!

This piece was originally created last year for the Mouseflower Zine (a Redwall inspired fan zine), however the production went on hold due to the pandemic. Seeing as it has been postponed indefinitely, I figured I couldn't wait any longer to share my work. Find out more at

Redwall has a special place in my heart. I read all the books when I was younger, watched all the TV series, imagined myself in that world, and it was some of the first fan art that got me started with drawing. Brian Jacques was one of only two celebrities I shed tears for when he passed. I still enjoy listening to the audiobooks, and the heroic ideals inspire me to this day, especially when I am faced with ethical dilemmas or when I struggle with my mental health. I know I don't do a lot of fan art, but I couldn't help joining this project as soon as I heard about it.

Done in watercolour and mechanical pencil. I will be selling the original in an art show whenever conventions return.

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