Marbled Polecat Fursuit (for sale!) by SilentRavyn

Marbled Polecat Fursuit (for sale!)


18 June 2020 at 15:34:52 MDT

A recently completed marbled polecat (wild spotted ferret) fursuit! This guy is up for auction as a fullsuit, with the body and feet built after auction to fit the buyer. More photos can be found here:

Parts and Features:

  • 4-fingered paws with plush claws and squishy, stuffed paw pads, fully lined
  • Massive, fluffy 5 foot tail
  • Follow-me eyes with large mesh irises for good vision
  • Squishy, plush nose with pickable nostrils
  • Two sets of velcro eyelids (one wide one slim), to change expression

Please share if you know someone who might give them a good home!