Red Panda Fursuit (for sale!) by SilentRavyn

Red Panda Fursuit (for sale!)


14 September 2017 at 13:58:01 MDT

I've been itching for a long time to try and build another fursuit. The last one I made was about 10 years ago! I finally found the time this year to put one together with Nefari, and here is the result :) I'm so pleased with how it turned out, it's a huge step up from any of the suits I made in the past. We would really like to make more in the future, and will be running under the name LittleFangs Studio.

More photos can be found here:


  • Soft, plush features such as minky tongue, fleece teeth and stuffed pickable minky nose
  • Velcro-on eyelids, poseable into any expression (or remove for a bright, happy look)
  • A giant, squishy, red panda tail (4' long, 1' wide)
  • Cross-section style tail base with hidden belt loop
  • Balaclava based, hand stitched head (fits 23" head best, but smaller is fine and can even go up an inch)
  • 8 different colors and lengths of fur, very soft
  • Handpaws with 5 stubby fingers, stuffed minky pawpads and fleece claws

This suit could be yours! I am currently taking offers here, with ladder options to make it a full suit:

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