Queen of the Cloud Forest by SilentRavyn

Queen of the Cloud Forest


16 April 2016 at 19:09:23 MDT

As she prowls through her kingdom her subjects flock to her in loving adoration. She rules not with an iron claw, but is powerful with wisdom, grace, and a respect for her cloud forest and all who dwell there.

With this piece I wanted to try reviving an older technique I used many years ago to do realistic animal portraits. I'm very pleased with the result, and had so much fun doing this. The medium is chalk pastel and conte on suede board. It was so refreshing to get into realism again, and I really love doing tribal themes such as this.

Her adornments were inspired by the people of the Amazon, and upon her shoulders perch a scarlet macaw and a resplendent quetzal, one of the most beautiful and rare birds of Central America.

She and her feathered subjects will be in the Anthrocon 2016 art auction :)

As with all my artwork, prints are available here: http://foxwolf.ca/gallery.php


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    Beautiful colour and texturing! I had to retweet this as soon as I saw it on my Twitter timeline.

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    Oh my goodness. I am blown away with this. The textures are so beautiful.
    I hope the auction goes well! (I so wish I could bid on it!)

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    Absolutely lovely colors! It's so bright and vivid <3 I had no clue pastel and conte could do stuff like that! Great job!

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    This is stunning and one of your best works!