Com: SevenDevils by Silenceartwork

Com: SevenDevils


9 April 2015 at 13:40:42 MDT

Commission for sevendevils of a muse beast

Muse beast facts:
They are beings who take on the gender their creator prefers, able to switch from tiny hand sized creatures to the same size as their creator, they speak in every language(including those not yet known) and see in different shades of time. Their life depends on their creator, if their creator dies, so do they.

Their primary job is to hold onto ideas, stuffing them inside their stomach and storing them for later for their creators. The more ideas the fatter they tend to get.

Muse beasts are extremely protective of ideas, they enjoy nothing more than curling around the glowing orbs, purring the night away.----

Facts about this beast:
Animal skull type: Potoo skul
Gender: Male
Body type: LIke a skeksis
personality types: Dark, deranged, eccentric
UNIQUE: This particular muse beast has gotten the love and protective urges of a spirit slug, who protects its charge with its highly toxic ooze

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    I really like the idea of an idea holder, I could really use one of those! And the body fact about skeksis was awesome. Who doesn't love skeksis?

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      thank you very much! I was very happy to get asked to design a muse beast again, I havent done one in -ages-.

      Skeksis were one of my favorite creatures from my childhood. I loved those wierdos